My friend Laura Stephens (who writes the most beautiful blogs), has recently taken to just typing out thoughts as they come to her. This morning all of the thoughts tumbling around in my head are just begging to come out and be heard….so I thought I’d do the same thing.

I want to be in Africa….I miss my brother already and he is not yet on the plane…..I absolutely love the purple petunia that has bloomed….why haven’t the rest of them bloomed….Coffee – in the top three of God’s creations…right after oceans and stars….and most days, before humans….there is a dog down stairs….I can hear the collar tags…Paddington be quiet. UGH, I need to get him to a training class. I am in desperate need of a mani/pedi. I hate that I can’t do as good a job on myself as the cute little Vietnamese do…

My brain is alert this morning….yea for vitamins….please let this be the answer and let the normalcy continue. I need to look on IKEA for a bed. I thought I wanted the iron one but want to be double sure. I love the way my apartment looks without the clutter of a table. Purging of stuff has not been so bad at all.

The sound of the cars on the tollway, kind of sound like the ocean in the distance. I wish the ocean was as close as the tollway. Brother is probably boarding right now….I’d give anything to be on the plane with him. God, one day will you let my heart and body dwell in the same place? They’ve been separated for so long. Picasso always looks like he is posing for some kitty model search….maybe he is.

My fingers are sore from guitar….Lord, would you make my little hand stronger. I wonder if there are exercises for finger flexibility….finger yoga! yes! must google. I love google –

It’s been way too long since I was on a plane anywhere….I have so many friends to visit, but I think I’d like to get on a plane and just go somewhere….just me….put that on my goal poster. London – *sigh…I need me some Billu & Chuchi. Mmmmm Indian food…..

I need to get up and be productive. Make my bed…clean the bathroom….laundry. I’m out!