I have found that in the past few years I have been remiss about learning new things. I used to love to learn new things, yet somehow I just stopped. I got jealous of the things that others could do but somehow did not feel that I could accomplish new things on my own. As one goes back and reads about my past few years and the struggles within – I think this lack of interest simply falls in with the person I was that I didn’t like.

So – I’ve started changing that. I had a roommate who I personally think is brilliant, and I was constantly going to him and asking questions…How do I do this? How do I do that? He loved me enough to finally start answering “google.com”
Because of this ever frustrating answer, I’ve learned that google is my friend and my favorite words to start a google search “How To”. Two little magic words that open up so many fun things to learn.
“How to strengthen your fingers to play guitar”, “How to play G/F#m”,
(now if I could find “how to create calluses painlessly” – ouch!)

“How to make a banner using Gimp software on a Mac”,
(I made this)

“How to do a treble crochet stitch”
(I’m making this for a friend)

….those are just the one’s I’ve done in the past two hours.
I’m learning again…and loving it!

And now I am going to learn to go to bed before midnight!! I’m out people….

P.s. what do you think of my new banner….