I’ve spent the past few lunch hours and after work hours…wandering in and out of some fun antique & consignment shops.I worked for an amazing decorator in college – one of my many jobs to work my way through school – I still came out in debt…but I digress.So this decorator used to take me to all of these little junk shops, consignment stores and antique stores (pronounced Ant – y – q by me when a child, much to my mom’s dismay)….and we would find all sorts of fun treasures to decorate people’s homes…and mine.

Somewhere in the past few years I got out of the habit…but Iiiiii’mmmmm baaaaaaaaaack! 🙂

I love to walk around in these stores and look at pretty things without the need to take them home. I think up fun stories about the people that used to own them and try to imagine the houses they were in and the fun previous lives they had. Oh, if bobbles and trinkets could talk…what stories they would tell….

My findings over the past few days….

Some beautiful vintage fabrics – stayed on the shelf I have no place to store them and no project in mind at this moment…but I know where they are!

Pretty little tray of broaches (what an awful word for such pretty baubles – seriously! put a “b” in front of “roach” and what instantly comes to mind….”pretty pins!”)

I REALLY want to know the story behind this!! You KNOW it has a story!

This was the most amazing find! I LOVE getting mail…I don’t get much personal mail anymore…but remember when checking the mail meant potential of finding a letter from a sweet friend or two. This would make the coolest cabinet ever! Oh to have the $2000 to purchase it….anyone want to donate to a great cause?

If you need a brand new coffee maker..I know where you can find a couple.

I couldn’t resist sneaking a pic of this little girl who enjoyed flipping through some books while her mama shopped, she was so intent on each book – yet was definitely too young to be reading them. I hope she grows up to read and maybe even write books of her own….

A grown up reading nook….amazing collection of books…I’ll be back to browse and buy.

My take home prize…a pretty basket big enough to hold all of my yarns…so many projects so little time….in fact…I’m off to work on one now.
ta ta