Lately there is this fun trend in baking – creating colorful food!

This morning I decided I’d give it a try. Apparently my muffin pan really belonged to my former roommate, but that didn’t stop me – I decided to try making rainbow mini-bundt cakes. As I got started I thought it would be fun to photograph every moment of the production – mostly a reason to play with my new lighting and my lovely camera. Below you will find the results of both the cooking and the photography.

These are most of the supplies needed. I realized after I’d dismantled this setup that I’d forgotten to include measuring spoons and my liquid measure. But here are the supplies just the same.

Mix of dry ingredients.

Cracking the egg. (This shot was very well timed and done without a tripod)

Mix of wet ingredients.

Mix it all together!

Separate into smaller bowls & add color.

Spoon the colors one at a time into the pans. I took a toothpick and just ran it in a couple different directions with one of them to see what the effect would be.

15 minutes in a pre-heated to 350 degree oven. I waited while knocking out a chapter and a cup of coffee on my pre-heated 90 degree patio.

Checking on them in the oven.

And Voila! you can see the funky toothpick designed one on the upper right hand corner. and then one cut so you can see all the fun pretty colors.

I took all of the remaining batter and made a normal sized “mini” bundt cake.

So these were pretty good for a first attempt, but I didn’t really care for the batter recipe. So, I’m going to pull out my trusty yummy cake recipe and try again….stay tuned.