This weekend I decided to make some headway on some redecorating I want to do. However I am on a very very strict budget so all things had to be either found a thrift store for the right price…or things I already own needed to be re-purposed.

One wing chair in perfect condition.

Price $54.99 on sale for 30% off…final price $38.50!
…found at my favorite thrift store…St. Vincent’s. This store is always clean and organized and full of fun little treasures. Plus it has a little prayer room in case you need to do some soul searching while you are shopping. I actually spent sometime in prayer there this weekend.
The biggest adventure of the chair was fitting it into mini Bobbi and getting safely home.
Driving like a turtle down side streets – back was tied down with twine and shoelace.

Got it home and safely up the stairs.
Next was the big wall behind my desk. I was bored with the current frames that were just hanging there….so I went around my house and into my storage and got all of the frames that I owned and laid them out in a pattern on the floor.
Then after letting my neighbor know I was going to be banging on the wall all day long….I very purposefully and carefully hung this fun design! 🙂
Steal: I found two frames on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics. Originally $24.99 – rang up at $.97 each!!
Then my most favorite re purposing…that still needs a bit of work…
Deal: package of ring hooks at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $7.99.
I took a red & gold Indian sari I’ve had for years….and attached my current curtains to the back of it (for some backing – with my western facing window I need dark curtains!).
New pretty red silk curtains!
They need to be ironed and hemmed…but they are up!
That was my weekend of re-purposing… cat really got into it….he decided to re-purpose himself as a statue….as you can see he is versatile.
Statue version one.
Statue version two.