I have always loved the thought of a journal.
I remember as a child deciding I was going to write one, but thought my life was too boring so I made up stories about my life to put in it. I’ve also written letters to boys that I was just so sure I needed to have in my life (I guess better to have journaled them than sent them!), and I have also written many, many prayers. I love to look back at those journals of prayer and see where God moved, where I was trying to impress God with my fancy words – as if that was even possible – and best of all…where my heart was changed by Him, prayers were answered and where I stepped aside to let the God of creation do His mighty work.
So recently I was put onto a 30 day journal challenge. It starts today…..you can do it too – it’s not too late. Just head over to this blog(or click on the link on the right of my page) and pick up your journal prompt for the day.

Ok I’m off to accept my first assignment and then to work. Have a happy day peeps!