I went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon to find them putting up Fall and Christmas decor. I was highly disappointed….why do we want to wish our lives away? If it’s Monday we wish for Friday….leaving out the amazing other 4 days with which God has gifted us.
In the past few years it seems the days of my life have flown by; and if my grandmother is to be believed (and she is pretty believable), time will only keep speeding up.
So today is June 17th. I choose to take a deep breath and live in June 17th. I will not wish for June 18th…it will get here soon enough.
Tonight I’m going to sit in my chair, crochet a blanket for a sweet baby soon to make her way onto the scene…pray over this sweet baby while I stitch that each moment of her life will be full & blessed. Pray for my friends that wherever they are right now they can stop and drink in this moment in time and not hurry on to the next.
And pray that God will allow me to see and experience exactly what He has for me – right now in this minute he has blessed me with.