That is really the only way to describe my 5 days away!

I have over 700 photos to download and way too many stories to tell.

Once I get the photos off my camera I’ll post a super long blog until then here are highlights from my iPhone.

*First, apologies to Milwaukee – I totally made fun of you before I met you and now I totally adore you and your 80 degree weather. You are the cutest little city and I can’t wait to come back to visit. Thank you for your sweet hospitality, amazing food, and lovely little neighborhoods to visit.

*To the bride and groom – you two are completely adorable together! Thank you for letting me share in your week. Every blessing possible on you and your life together!

*To the sweet lifetime friends, and the newly formed friends – your lives blessed mine in so many ways. Laughter, tears, and more laughter made this week the best one imaginable! I can’t wait to play again someday soon!