Identifying my areas of mediocrity was quite simple.  Actually doing something to pull myself out – has proven more difficult.  It is so easy to simple say I want to change and make plans to change, and think about changing….rather than actually changing.

Earlier this year I gave myself 9 weeks to make some rather significant changes in my life.  And while  many of those changes were made….slipping backwards into my same ol’ same ol’ routine took very little to no effort.

What I am about to embark on for myself…is not rocket science, I am not the first to do it, and many of you may already have similar processes in place.

I wrote down somethings I want to do or not do for 30 days.  As I work to steer my path towards excellence and away from mediocrity, to use the gifts and talents that I believe have been given to me by God, and to continue in this life changing year of making changes these are some areas that are simplistic in nature, but I believe will make a difference in my life if for no other reason than the beauty of some self-discipline.

Here for better or worse are my disciplines for the next 30 days!

  • No eating out
  • No soda
  • Work out daily
  • No tv shows on the computer
  • Read
  • Blog daily
  • write letters (real letter with pen & paper & stamps)
  • Take an interesting photo daily
  • be a member of the 5 o’clock club (this means getting up at 5 am daily!)
  • read my positive affirmation daily
  • 30 new Mary Kay customers
  • 30 days of prayer

My hope is that at the end, I will be closer to being out of debt, healthier, more positive, more creative, and ready to increase or differ these goals for next month.  I’m excited about this process – knowing that there will be days that I re-think it all and just want to give up…days that I will feel the defeat is there primed and waiting to pounce….days that I will taste sweet victory and in the end a day of celebration for accomplishing what I set out to accomplish!

What are your goals for this month?