Day 2 was quite the adventure and I missed out on the blogging partof my goals – but for good reason. (and it won’t happen again!)

It is Mary Kay Seminar (our annual convention) and my girls are in town!!

After work yesterday I made my way to the airport (trip 1) to pick up my dear friend Lisa C.  She flew in from Mississippi (do you sing a song in your head when you spell this word? I do!) and we spent a lovely afternoon together while everyone else got into town.  I had decided to cook for everyone – since my goal is not to eat out –  so I ran to the grocery store and grabbed some fresh salad and the makings for salmon caesar salad.  yummy goodness!  I whipped this up while Lisa sat in my living room and we had a great visit.

Lisa K. (who lives in Dallas), made her way to the airport (trip 2) in the meantime to pick up Taylor!  Taylor was coming in from Virginia beach, but is jet lagged because she just got home from two weeks in Italy…such a rough life…don’t we all feel sorry for her…!   They made their run of errands which includes the traditional run to the store for peanut M&M’s – no seminar is complete without them.

And then I left Lisa C in their care and made trip 3 to the airport to pick up our director – also hailing from Virginia Beach.  I took her back to join the others and laughter and fun ensued! Dinner was lovely – the before mentioned salmon caesar salad followed by homemade brownies (from scratch I might add).   Finally calling it a night I got Lisa C. & Brittany to their hotel and made it home just as midnight hit – thus my missing out on blogging on day 2.

Ok, off to get into my work day….which ends in Chicago!  YAY I love that town!

p.s. my picture of the day is this lovely reading on my car thermometer that gages outside temps – that’s right it says 110*!!! Gotta love Texas in the summer….or cry…one of the two there is no middle ground.