I’m home!  24 hour whirlwind business trip to Chi-town.

Love that place and these people that live there!

I only got to see them for a few short minutes this time.  Tim & baby Riley were waiting for me when I landed an hour and half later than I was supposed to….such a wonderful friend. Then we rushed home to spend time with  those that meet at their place every Tuesday night for fellowship and Bible study.  What a sweet time to meet those I have heard so much about.  I hope to make the visit longer next time – time is so fleeting.

Today I spent all day in a little conference room discussing the Surgical Humanitarian Coalition….while this sounds so incredibly exciting – and I assure you it is….at some point my mind started to wander…captured in sweet memories of a place not so far away….

While I would love to share the images with you – I just realized they are all on my external hard drive…and well…it is 10:45 and I’ve had a long day!

Suffice it to say – I’m California dreamin’ – making plans….