Some days God puts things in my path that just simply remind me of a person or persons, and reminds me to pray for them.  If I see several of these reminders in the same day I believe in seriously going to battle for this person even if I have no idea what their current life circumstance may be.

This happened today….everywhere I turned I could not escape reminders of this person….so….

Friend, you may or may not read this.  But know this…right now in this moment you are being lifted up to the Giver of Life, the Healer of wounds, and the only Truth that will ever sustain you.  Let Him be the lifter of your head….trust Him to give you the faith to believe and know that nothing you have ever done or will do keeps you from the Hope and the Promise of the Cross.

I love you….I am on my knees for you tonight….begging God for you!