Lately my travel bug has been biting hard!  This year I have not traveled as much due to the fact that I have other goals in my life that are crimping my style – like getting out of debt and investing more in my community.  While both have proven to be rewarding, my soul is simply restless if I don’t have travel planned at least once every few months.  This fall things are finally picking up – mostly work trips, but with a few fun things thrown into the mix.

This weekend I was browsing some travel blogs and mags and came across this fabulousness in Singapore.  While I usually travel on the more inexpensive side of things and find little hole in the walls to lay my head on and get to know the locals as closely as possible, I do believe this fabulous hotel is now on my bucket list.  The accomodations are not incredibly expensive and I am sure that deals will be found in the years to come.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel:

Can you imagine the Chinese New Year celebrations at this place?