My life is hectic and my mind is constantly on all systems go.  Today I declined Labor Day invitations to hang out and simply spent a very quiet day with my Savior.  I studied, I prayed, I fasted from food, from facebook, email and TV shows, I cleaned and organized and journaled. It was a good day of remembering the promises of Christ…which I seem to forget so often in the midst of my angst driven, instant gratification,  impatient, self propelled life.  To stop and remember that I am loved and forgiven and HE has offered an exchange of burdens. To dwell on the fact that He offers to restore my life, all my past hurts, shame and grief, if I simply “Be still and know….”

I am going into a study of James and right in the first chapter, James starts his letter with encouraging the readers with the fact that trials are going to come and yet He is going to be right there in the midst of them.  We are to “count them joy” – not “be joyful in them” but look on them as gifts from the Lord.  To look on the trials that are going to come because we live in a fallen, broken world and realize that He is there in the midst of them offering comfort, hope, love, renewal and peace.  All of which, I have to wonder, would we know the full extent of without the trials.

If this time in my life brings me more of Him.  Then I want it.  I want the hours of sleepless nights and the constant wonderings of my heart.  I want the questions, and the pondering – knowing that He is all Truth.

This song seems to exemplify all that is in me right now – a dear friend shared it with me today as she prayed for me and help to carry my burdens to the Cross.