My mind won’t slow down enough to settle on one theme for a blog post, so I thought I’d just write some ramblings and see if I can get all of these thoughts out and then maybe I could breath and slow down.  (hello the first of many runon sentences this blog will hold.)

*I leave for India in 17 days.  I don’t know if I am going to have a visa by then, but I am trusting that I will and I will board that plane and head off to whirlwind trip to a dream destination.   It will be all work and very little play, but I am excited just to drink in the sights I will get to see.

*Technology at AHA hates me lately.  I don’t know what I did to tick it off, but I apologize profusely and ask that you please just let me do a normal file transfer.  Thank you.

*In less than two months, I will be in Botswana with my family.  Busy at the school learning about the programs, etc.  I am excited but have too much to do in the meantime to even think about it.

*I don’t remember the last time I held my camera and took a picture that made my mouth water, I hope to correct that horrible fact this weekend in Florida. 

*I’m going to Florida this weekend. I’m taking my cousin Zach.  He is 20 and never been anywhere for “just the weekend”.  I plan on teaching him all of my jet-setting ways.  I even set him up with his
advantage airline number.  You’ve gotta start racking those up, boy!

*I have done very little traveling this year and will make up for it in the next 45 days.  Can we say from zero to executive platinum in less than 3 weeks.  Hello hours and hours and hours in the plane! 

* I love planes.  If I didn’t want to elope I would have a wedding on one….how much fun to walk down the aisle of plane towards the one you love.  Of course, that is not even an option right now…so moving on….

*I got a new passport this week.  Is all pretty and new and ready to go on many many adventures. I then turned it over to the visa expeditors…and have had 3 mild panic attacks since then that I do not have a passport in hand.  This my friends is the life of TCK.  Passport withdrawls.

*I have picked my Mary Kay back up and am running with it.  I love it and truly find joy in doing it.  Praying that God will bless and move and with a lot of hard work I’ll be able to do that more on a full time basis one day.

*I have started almost every point in this blog with the word “I”. 

*Happy mail makes me happy!  I am enjoying getting to know my penpals and it has been so much fun to get back in the habit of writting cards.  I’ve started to write several a week and am enjoying blessing my friends with fun handwritten notes!  LOVE IT!

*That is all I have time for…not all on my mind….but all I’ve got time to process through right now.