The story goes something like this….

I was 6, I had been traveling around the United states for months visiting all sorts of church who were kind and amazing enough to believe in my parents and were giving them money to head across the water to Kenya.  We had applied for Visa’s to go to this foreign land of which I knew very little except for the interesting pictures of animals, the random rod made out of cows tail that the president carried to prove he had power and the rubber shoes made out of tires that my dad had on display.  My mind was filled with all sorts of things about this place I would soon call home…but that is another story for another day.

This story is about visa’s and my young minds lack of understanding.  My parents had applied for work visa’s so we could go to Kenya and they could work; it was all I heard about for weeks.  As soon as our visa’s were approved we could purchase tickets and go. I didn’t understand the big deal as my dad had a visa CARD, so why did we need NEW visas?

One particularly trying day for my six year old self, we had gone shopping and I was told “no” over some object or other that I wanted.  I pouted, as only a six year old can do, and said “I can’t wait till I get my visa and I can buy anything I want.”  This just made my mom laugh and it was explained to me that the visas we were waiting for had nothing to do with purchasing!  This story has been told and re-told and now I too find it hilarious.

However, now I appreciate the power of a travel visa.  I’ve been able to explore the most beautiful places and live a life full of adventure because of a little stamp or sticker giving me passage into far off places and foreign lands.

My most recent travel visa is to India.  It looks something like this.

It is proudly taking up a full page in my brand spanking new passport!  It is allowing me entrance into a new land, with new adventures to be had.

Of course, my six year old self did grow up and finally get that visa card I wanted so badly that day.  I found out that I can’t buy exactly “anything” I want with it, but it does help fund the adventures the other visa provides.