My aunt and I went to City Craft the other day so that she could pick out some fabrics for a couple of projects that she is working on.  I tagged along because I like to hang out with my aunt whenever possible.  🙂

She introduced me to Amy Butler’s fabrics and patterns.  While a lot of her fabric is a bit too cutesy for me I did fall in love with several of her patterns.. including this pattern for what she called a Gumdrop pillow.  Oh my!  I was smitten instantly by the fun design of this thing and imagined a whole seating arrangement made just with this fun pillows.

Of course, being the up and coming DIYer that I am – I did not really feel like I could pay $11.99 for this pattern when it looked quite simple enough for me to figure out on my own.

Sure enough when I googled it I found several links to others such as myself that believe that ideas should be shared and not sold. 🙂  So using the instructions from this blog for a Moroccan pouf which looked identical to the gumdrop pillow – but did not mention Amy Butler anywhere.

So, I found fabric I’ve had for a while stored away and off I went….

First I made the pattern out of some old Christmas wrapping paper I’ve had for a couple of years….

Then I cut out 8 sections.  My fabric happens to be reversible so I decided to alternate back and forth with the colors.

Then not having a sewing machine of my own that is in working order right now, I made my way to my aunt’s house with my pieces.  She pinned and I sewed them together…making one flat ball of fabric….

The pattern called for about 70 oz of polyfil, but I wanted to be able to sit on this as well as use it as an ottoman – so I used 3 1/2 bags of 50 oz of polyfil – it is one stuffed pillow!

Lastly we created a pattern for an octagon shape to use as a lid for the top and I hand stitched it on.

I think it turned out quite cute…what do you think?