Baby Roloflex Camera

To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.
-Williams James

I don’t remember the first photograph I ever took, but I do remember the first camera I ever had.  It was a yellow cabbage patch kids camera that took 110 film and the instant I put my hands on it I remember thinking I was going be a famous photographer one day.  I took pictures of everything I could possibly think of…..people, dogs, sunsets….if it spoke to me I took a picture of it.  Photography came easily to me.  I am not sure why, I just have always seemed to have an instinct for it.  I cannot draw (or at least my feeble attempts have not been very good.)  I am not a great painter – though my few visits to Painting with a Twist have turned out ok.  But put a camera in my hands and I am in heaven.  I see shots everywhere, often composing a shot or a scene in my head long before I ever lift the viewfinder to my eyes.

When I was in high school with my ever so sleek and shiny Vivitar that took 35mm film (I thought I was big stuff the day I got this camera!), I was the queen of the candid shot.  My friends hated me, but I was good at it.  I got action shots, funny shots, happy shots, funny face shots, awkward moment shots –  every one capturing moments of time that are dear to me.  College came along and a boyfriend gave me my very first SLR camera (he moved on, I kept the camera).  This took my photography to a whole different level.  Now all of the things that I was seeing actually had more of a possibility of becoming an actual photograph.  I traipsed through Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Africa and around several states with that camera and it reignited in me this love I have for the photograph.

Finally 3 years ago after my SLR was stolen out of my car and thanks to my renters insurance, I was able to afford a Canon 30D digital SLR kit.  It was like Christmas the day that camera came in the mail!  I have taken pictures at the ocean and in the dessert, of friends, family, dogs, cats, etc.  I love this camera.  But that was kind of where I stopped….I had taken all the photographs I knew how to take and needed some inspiration for more.

This year I have decided to follow some of the passions in my life.  To really pursue and explore the things that I love, and one of them was to grow my photography.  So, in December when I got home from Botswana I signed up for a beginner’s course at Spot Studio here in Dallas.  Most people were shocked that had decided on a beginner’s course, but for all of the amazing shots that I had ever taken I really did not know my way around my camera and I wanted to start at the beginning.

Today was the class and I highly recommend this class or any of Peter Poulides classes.  I learned so much.  We had time at the end to work with a model – below are some of the favorites from my session.

I started with a photo of my foot…because well…why not.

needs a bath

Then we learned about f-stops and shutter speeds and practiced on this head.

I liked the shadow

I took some pictures of my new friends….

My pretty classmate, Megan

Peter the teacher and Ruthie

Then we got to shoot the model ( you know with camera’s not guns…)

Shampoo commercial anyone

My favorite shot of the day

These and all of my other fun shots of the day can be found on my mobile me gallery.

I cannot wait till February to do the next class – one day I just might be that world famous photographer after all.