“Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.”
~ Aristotle

As we pulled up to the house, my mom assured me I would like this new girl.  She and her parents and sister had just moved to Eldoret from another town, and she needed some friends.  We walked up to the front door, and when her mother opened it, the most beautiful girl with the whitest hair I’d ever seen was peeping around the corner.   In that moment, a lifelong friendship was born.  I don’t remember what we talked about, but I know that night ended in my getting to spend the night with my new little friend.

Fast forward through the years and you will see two girls that grew to be virtually inseparable during the school holidays.  Hours and hours and hours at the pool, swimming in freezing water, having underwater tea parties, doing hand stands, having diving board competitions.  Two little blonds, playing badminton, squash and tennis.  Two lovely ladies and friends hosting a concert in our own home, where we charged our parents to sit in their own living rooms….singing songs and making up motions and dance routines to the most hilarious of music.  Two girls totally sick to their stomachs because they decided to make funnel cakes and ate the ENTIRE batch, complete with eating the powdered sugar mixed with oil on the bottom of the plate and topping it off with coke. Two friends who tearfully said goodbye when one left for the US before another and they believed it could be the end. Two young women swimming in Lake Michigan again freezing to death (somehow we think this is fun and invigorating).  Two friends reunited after several years exploring a town neither of them lived in, two lovelies hitting the town of Nashville, and two friends having a beautiful weekend as one watches the other marry the love of her life.  Laughter, tears, other friends mingled in, fights, making up, boys, breakups and marriage….we have it all.  And this weekend….that beautiful lovely lifelong friend made her way to Dallas, Tx where we made a whole new set of memories.

We started with Mexican food because….that really is the only place to start.

mmmm yum

Then Friday evening we were off to Ft. Worth stockyards and  the rodeo, complete with cowboys, roping and riding, & carnival, because she had never been and wanted to see the cowboy side of Texas…..we also found a funnel cake to relive the years gone by.

Saturday, we became Dallas tourists and visited famous places downtown….

All photos courtesy of Annie's camera

Then on Saturday evening, after introducing her to The Village Church, my worlds collided when my sweet Dallas friends surprised me with a surprise belated birthday celebration.  This celebration was thanks to the very hard work and efforts to make me feel special by the illustrious and beautiful Julie Munroe – (if you don’t follow her blog – you should.) It was a night filled with food, fire, laughter, & fun, and as I sat taking it all in I was overwhelmed with how wonderful my friends are and how incredibly blessed I am to have them in my life.

The boys got in on the action of "Princess" hat wearing

Sunday, I got to introduce my Africa family to my America family as my aunt hosted us with a delicious Sunday lunch, and we spent time sitting around the table with my grandparents and aunt and uncle.

This morning as we said goodbye and sealed this set of memories in the books, I thought how incredibly thankful I am for this lifelong friendship.  A lifetime of memories already with a lifetime more to come.  I love you, dear friend!