My friend, Cheryl, is always coming up with crazy questions that she wants me to answer.  I personally think I am constantly part of a research project or just simply entertainment for her.  But some of her questions stump me and require several days or weeks of thought before I can get an answer back, and others I answer somewhat easily but continue to come back to ponder my own answers for weeks afterwards.

One of her more recent questions was a double whammy that not only stumped me but I keep coming back to ponder: “With your past behind you, what advice would you give to this current generation of truth-seekers?”

When she gave me this question I really was kind of at a loss for the answer.  I am not sure I have any wisdom to pass on to the next generation right now, I am still floundering and trying to find wisdom of my own; however, after a lot of thought about it here is what I would tell them.

Hide the Word in your heart.

If it is through song – Learn it.

Through memorization – Learn it.

Through writing verses on sticky notes everywhere – Learn it.

If you don’t understand what it says right now – Learn it.

If you think it is boring – Learn it (and ask God to help it come to life).

What I have found to be true is that everyone has a dark night of the soul where they question their faith and their world is rocked.  Scripture talks about it, and says that it is unavoidable of all of us. Those that haven’t been there are going to get there (trust me on this one), and those that have gone through it may go through it again.

At those darkest of these moments, clinging to the living, breathing, words of God (even if you are not sure you believe them anymore) is the only way out of the that darkness.