Earlier this week my friend Julie had invited me to an Andy Gullahorn/Jill Phillips concert….she has asked me on several occasions to come and I felt a bit guilty for always having a lame excuse, so I said yes.  This week has been a long one, work has been stressfilled, I still haven’t been able to shake this cough, and other burdens and disappointments have all decided to pile on at the same time.  So, last night, I went to this concert resentfully and with a very tired heart.

I am so glad I did!  Andy is hilarious and his music is simple and poignant and speaks directly into the soul.

Jill Phillips is also incredible…….

….and her last song of the night (which was chosen kind of spur of the moment) was meant just for me.

Thanks Julie for persistently inviting me, and thank you Lord for speaking and stirring my soul through music.