I have spent the past couple of weekends working on my taxes.  I have been going back over this past year’s expenses and have definitely found some areas that are in need of work.  I have often heard it said that to see the true nature of a person’s heart – go through their checkbook.  Well in my case – go through my mint.com transactions. 

At this point, just using my spending as a measurement – my heart is all about food, forms of entertainment, and how to make Amanda happy.  Granted much of my food spending is actually spending time with others in some form of fellowship, and there are some donations and gift giving….but an overall evaluation does not reflect where I truly want my heart to be.

So in a re-evaluation of my budget/heart – I will be making some spending changes. This time next year I want to look back and have my report to show investment in ministry, donations to causes I believe in, helping families in the middle of the adoption process bring those babies home, helping build a library of good books for schools in South Dallas, supporting missions, feeding & clothing the homeless….more on eternal investments & less on me. 

What does your checkbook reveal about your heart?