Author’s note: I wrote parts of this blog several years ago, but recently some of the same thoughts have come back into conversations with friends so I thought I’d tweak and re-post:

Our lives are busy.  This generation seems to wear that word like an honor badge, even replacing “fine” as the standard answer to “How are you?”  We thrive on being busy, often to the point of declaring sitting still and doing nothing as lazy, unproductive, or somehow failing in life.  Yet in all of our busy-ness, I often find that we are just running around in circles without any focus or direction.

This brings me to somethings that struck me as I studied in I Samuel and some thoughts regarding my current focus.  In I Samuel 16, God sent Samuel to the house of Jesse to seek out and annoint David to be King.  In following the storyline, David at the time was a wee shepherd boy, last in a line of big, strong, just as qualified – if not more qualified – family of brothers. Not only that, but at the time of David’s annointing there was already a king on the throne that he was being annointed to sit upon.

So what did David do, he took his sword and shield, gathered up a band of brothers and a few close friends and began a strategic takeover of King Saul.

Well…..No…not exactly.

David went back to the fields to tend his sheep. He went back to doing what at that moment was his responsibility, his role in life.  He did not run around helter skelter trying to figure out how he a lowly shepherd was going to get to the palace and sit on the throne, he simply acknowledged that God had a direct plan for him that would come about in the appointed time and so he set his focus on the Lord and did not let it waver. The story goes on to that later David would become a servant of King Saul and best friend to the king’s son. Still he did not promenade around the king’s court declaring that he had it on good authority that he would one day sit on the throne of his current boss. Instead he humbly ministered to the king with songs that the Lord put in his heart, he went to battle for the king, and even after the king turns against him and tries in vain to kill him, he spares the life of the king two times.

As we read through I & II Samuel and through the Psalms we see David’s life; we see happy times and sad, we see struggles and victory, we see him bless God in one breath and curse his life in the next, we see him fall into sin and repent.; through it all we see a man whose vision was focused on the Lord, whose passion was the Lord. Because of this, the events of David’s life fell into place as God intended, with God’s perfect timing and guidance. His ministry and callings changed several times starting as a shepherd, becoming a servant and a soldier, and finally becoming a ruler of God’s chosen people, and a direct ancestor to the King of Kings; however, his focus never changed. God not only honored him by making this small shepherd boy a king, he gave him double honor by declaring him a “Man after God’s own Heart.”

So this is my challenge to myself. If I declare my passion to be Christ then my focus should be only on Him alone.  That is not to say that I should become so enraptured with the things of the Lord that I lose sight of what is going on around me. Actually it is quite the contrary, when my vision is totally and completely fixated on the Lord and does not waver, the rest of what is going on around me falls into place as He would have it too. When my eyes are focused on the Lord, my life, my job, my relationships whether they be with myself, my family, my friends, my acquaintances, my co-workers, or the opposite sex all fall into the place that God wants them to be. I do not have to fret and worry myself sick, keep myself up at night pondering about this situation or another; when my focus is on the Lord the rest of my life will be where it is supposed to be.
This brings an answer then to the question, “What has He called me to do?” He has called me to focus on Him. Period. THE END! My ministry, my calling, my everything will rise out of that simple truth.