Today I’m simply missing the men in my life. Not necessarily in a romantic sense, though I am not opposed to that either. But more just the company of my guys.

I grew up in a family of boys and was a daddy’s girl. I tended to enjoy the company of my uncle’s more than my aunties growing up and had a handful of just really great platonic relationships with guys. These amazing friends (of which my brothers are included) are scattered about the globe and I don’t really have the same sort of friendships with guys here in Dallas….for whatever reason.

That is what I am craving a bit lately. These relationships seem a bit harder to develop in this current season of life and I just miss it. I miss my dad, my brothers, general masculine company, talking sports, music, God, & life while gaining the perspective of guys. I want a boy’s night out – that includes me. ha ha Just me and the fellas – no pressure to be anything or impress anyone, just a night hanging with the guys. I miss this.

Don’t get me wrong I love my mom and my aunts and my girls and think a girl’s night out is great…but today, a sports bar and “the game” sounds SOOO much better than a mani/pedi and chocolate.

I usually like happy, make me feel good songs in my posts. But somedays…my soul craves music to match its mood. Today this song seems to hit right on target.