I love to crochet. While this craft has regained some popularity in the past couple of years, I was a crocheting long before crocheting was “cool”. What is funny however is that I have very few things that I actually made as my favorite part of making pretty things….is giving them away.

I have also been told that my creations were suitable for selling and that I needed to start an Etsy store. I thought that might be fun, but maintaining and finding time to fill orders seemed like a bit of a burden. However, I have now found a purpose for this little etsy store – fundraising!! Stay tuned as the launch of this store and the story behind the launch is coming in just a few days!!!

Until then, however….here are some pics of some pretty things I have made lately.

{scarf with flower}

{Flower broaches}

{Presents for Aunts & Uncles}

{Scarves for friends}


{Scarves for cousins}

{afghan blocks}

Paddington "helping" {or just taking a nap on my yarn as I tried to work}