Last night I had the honor of meeting Bob and Doris Frazier.  I walked into the house and Bob  immediately started giving me a hard time as if I’d known him for years, and lead me to the kitchen where Doris said “Do you know how to use a knife?  chop up those onions right there….”  And so the afternoon/evening began.  Several of us were in the kitchen chopping and stirring and following whatever orders Doris called out at that time, and Robert entertained others in the living room.

People just kept showing up, introductions were made and new aquaintences were formed.  Post dinner was a time of sitting around listening enraptured to stories Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau in the 70’s and 80’s.  The younger generation told stories of their own and comparisions were made.  Laughter was weaved throughout and stories of Jesus were the foundation of it all.  This is a typical weekend night in the Frazier home.

Towards the end of the night, I sat and reflected on the scene in front of me.  The home was simple and modest, filled with photographs and treasures of friends, family and lifetimes of gifts. The clothes they were wearing were not name brand and the car they drive is old.  Yet, I am fairly certain that these people are two of the wealthiest people I have ever met.   I was sitting with a couple who had invested well in life and still are.  I listened as they finished each other’s sentences and saw in their eyes untold stories of memories that they share and I thought to myself…these two people have lived well.
They have given all they have to serve Christ through serving others. They have raised their own babies, they have adopted babies, and they have helped to influence the lives of countless others outside of their immediate family.  They have served the poor and walked with dignitaries.  They have faced challenges and battles and walked in victory as they pressed on towards the high calling that has been placed on their lives.

Bob and Doris are getting older, but they have not slowed down one bit.  They continue to work daily to invest in the lives of the international population that are currently studying at UTA.  They host dinners, they lead Bible studies, they battle for the lives of those they love in prayer…..

This life is fleeting….we are here just a nanosecond of time within the grand scheme of things….how and what we are currently investing our lives in is all that will remain when we are gone.  Last night I saw a glimpse of how I want my life to be remembered….friends, laughter, in service for my King, and a life that was well invested.