When I gave up television a few years ago it was with the sole intent of getting off my couch and spending the time I was watching fake reality investing in the lives of others or having them invest in me.  This has worked out well for the past two and half years.  I have made friends, and do not make plans revolving around what is going to be on TV that night.  To be honest I haven’t really missed it at all….except, of course for ESPN.  Silly as it seems I figured that I would be somewhere watching the games with others but have found myself missing out on the games all together.  This is changing this year!

What I missed out on with television – the connecting of my life to others, I have found in the form of social media.  I find facebook and twitter to be great outlets in getting to stay in touch with those I call friend, and even to meet people that then become my friends.  However, this outlet, too, has taken a turn as of late, I find myself wondering who all these people are that I call friend. I know who is witty (or thinks they are), who hates their job, who likes drama, who hates drama but has a lot of it anyway, who is happy, who is sad, where people are at any given time, who is in a relationship with whom, who is single,  and if I fail to remember what day it is or what the weather is like I always have facebook statuses to keep me straight.  But in all that I find that I am still lacking. I am somehow missing out on the “deeper than surface level” parts of those I want to get to know.

So during this next 40+ days.  I’m going to change that.  I once heard a priest say that it was not in the giving up of something but in the pursing after the things of God that brought holiness to the actions of lent.  So during this Lenten season, I am giving up facebook and pursuing the deeper parts of those I call friend.  I’m going to have people over, go to people’s homes, have coffee, make lunch and dinner dates, call and ask to spend a bit of time with you so that I can get to know you, my friend, on a deeper level. 

I will be checking my facebook on Sunday’s for about 10 minutes, just long enough to check for messages and respond to invitations. However, all of my contact information is on my info page and I encourage you to use that!  I am looking forward to face time and actual converations.

 The shallowness of facebook will always be there, but to know one another deeply is the calling of Christ, to laugh with one another, share one another burdens, to pray and to commune together….this is what I am after this lenten season…I’m hoping that you will join me on my quest and together we can pursue after the things of God.  Expect a phone call….

Goodbye social media (for now)….hello deeper friendships (for keeps).