Anyone who knew me at any point of my childhood for any amount of time knew that I loved Sandy Patti.  Mock me if you must, but I was fan!  I thought she was beautiful inside and out, could sing like an angel, and thought she would make the most incredible friend.  I rejoiced in the birth of each of her children, celebrated her birthday, cried when she got divorced and rejoiced when she found love again.  I own every single album she has ever put out, two song books, and in the 8th grade once gave her a kleenex when she asked for one at a concert….and ran screaming back to my seat that she had touched my hand!!  My heart be still!  That same night I had the opportunity to meet her up close and in person and that moment of time is so beautifully etched in my brain as one of the top 5 favorite moments of my life.

I wanted to be…..Sandy Patti!  I could sing every line of every song that she ever sang….

Eventually….I grew up….If I met her today I’d sit down with a cup of coffee and have a chat…I’d ask her all sorts of questions and perhaps somewhere along the way I’d have the joy of calling her friend.  However, I have long since grown past the screaming fan of yesteryear….mostly

Yesterday, my friend Christin – sent me a you tube clip of Sandy and Larnelle singing “More than Wonderful”.  As I listened to the song I learned so many years ago as a child, I found myself weeping….because yesterday as I listened to the words I realized that now that I am an adult, I not only know the words in my head, I know the Truth of them in my heart.

How true the words….

The finest words I know could not begin to tell just how much Jesus really means to me…
I marvel just to think that HE really loves me when I think of who HE is and who I am….
He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams……
He’s everything that my soul ever longed for – everything He promised and so much more…
He’s more than Amazing, more than marvelous, more than miraculous, more than Wonderful, that’s what Jesus is to me

I clicked from that video the duet of “I’ve just seen Jesus” and once again was swallowed up in the words to a song that my mind knew but now resounded with my heart….

I went from there to Larnelle’s “I miss my time with you”….How many times the words of this song has echoed in my mind as my life takes on a hurry scurry appearance, and I give excuse after excuse…and Jesus quietly whispers “How can you serve me when your spirit’s empty?”

Click from there to a Gaither video of George Younce and Jake Hess singing “Oh what a Savior”,  “He touched me” “I know who holds tomorrow” and  “Going Home” .  I had the opportunity to spend time both of these sweet men, and they were charming, funny and crazy, and both desperately in love with the Jesus of whom they sang.  As I listened to those sweet men singing “There is nothing to hold me here, I’ve caught a glimpse of that Heavenly Land, praise God I’m going home”  I smiled as I though of how much they must love being “Home”.

This little trip down memory lane was so sweet for many reasons…first it brought to mind the many times I have listened and sung those songs in my short lifetime, memories of concerts I have been too and conversations I have had.  But last night, it held more….Ask my roommate and she will tell you that I am constantly singing and can be found belting out a song at any given moment of the day…however, the words of the “old songs” these words once sung from being memorized in my head….are now sung from the overflow and knowledge of the Truth in my heart…He IS more than wonderful!