May God grant you a dream so humanly impossible that its improbable success can only point to His glory, not your own!

As I read those words this morning, they instantly jumped of the screen into the thoughts of what has transpired over the past few weeks with the 117Project.

This “little” project started as a desire to help a friend raise the funds for the next payment in her adoption process….and from there has launched into what is quickly becoming a dream I didn’t know my heart held.

Due to an overwhelming response regarding the first project and the grand opening of the Etsy store that will help finance this project – the project launch has been postponed until April 1.

Behind the scenes we have logo making, project crafting, fundraising planning and scores of other little details that are racing to be finalized before that date.  Please pray with us as we work to launch a program that started as a humanly impossible dream to help bring children to their forever homes!!  To Him be all the Glory!