So…It’s 10:15 on Sunday night.

This weekend turned out so much differently than planned – here’s what happened.

I did a lot more “hanging out in real life” – which is proving to be so much more rewarding than facebook.
I checked in on facebook and realized I’m not missing a thing.
I met new people that I am looking forward to counting as friends.
I had breakfast, lunch, & dinner with a different person or persons all in one day.
I did not find a new place to live, yet.
I’ve learned I don’t like not being in control even when I know God is.
I have been amazed at how incredible and comfortable it is to live with sweet roommate as if we’ve been together all along.
I’ve been reminded once again of how fragile life is and how it can be gone in a moment.
I prayed.
I’ve laughed outloud, giggled quietly to myself, and smiled while busting a gut on the inside.
I’ve cried tears of sadness because I am incredibly homesick and I hate been 15,000 miles away from my mom and dad and brothers.
I’ve cried tears of joy as I told the story of how He is Enough and I am Redeemed.
I fed a poisonous fish and cranky bird.
I cleaned the leaves out of a pool, but didn’t make my bed.
I finished two books.
I worshiped.
I realized that an idol in my life is the desire to just fit in and feel “normal”.
I realized that no one knows what “normal” is.
I walked my dog, and played with my cat.
I took a nap.
I had a nightmare.
I texted a serious conversation with someone because to speak the words out loud was too much at the time.
I finally spoke the words and was myself without any masks, and people liked me anyway.
I had a peaceful dream of the ocean shores.
I prayed for Japan.
I made coffee and rainbow cupcakes and went on a picnic.
I read about grace and one woman’s journey to learn about it.

I listened to this song, and thought about and missed the person who introduced me to Ray Lamontage…..

I listened to this song, thought about what might have been, wrote a blog….and day is done.

What did your weekend entail?