Sweet baby girl – I love you so dearly.

I love that when I come onto Skype, you say my name at least 30 times before you are whisked away to bed.
I love that you think I live in the computer.
I love that you sing me songs that I can’t quite catch the lyrics too, but they make you happy.
I love that you bring up my name in conversation when I haven’t seen you in days.
I love that you “pet” Paddington (or Pattenin as you call him) on the computer screen. Its better that way than in person as he is not fond of children so you wouldn’t get along so well in real life.
I love that whisper stories to me.
I love that you choose not to obey mommy, or me, but you will do what we tell you if we say that Pattenin told you to do it. (P.s. this is only cute because you are two)
I love that you are often covered in stickers that I send you.
I love your giggles when we play peek-a-boo on the computer by simply hiding the camera.
I love having virtual tea parties with you.

All of the things I love virtually – I miss in reality.  But I am so thankful that I get to be a part of your life in some small way though we live so far apart right now.

Sweet dreams, baby girl.

Your Auntie Amanda loves you with all her heart.