What a whirlwind ride this has been!  A couple of months ago I said to my friend Rachel, “Hey, let me help you raise the funds for your adoption.”  And with those words a dream was launched, not just in my heart, but in the hearts of several others.  There is now a project committee, a logo, an etsy store, a possible 5K run in the fall, and other projects and ideas being thrown about.  This has caused not one but TWO delays, as in the midst of all of this…all of us have full time jobs! 

However, today is the official launch of this amazing project that is growing into so much more so rapidly!

The first project is already at hand and needs financing now!

Meet Rachel and Scott Todd.

They are dear friends of mine who have a dream in their heart to have a houseful of children!  When they found out that they could not give birth on their own, they instead began to follow their dream of  filling their home with as many children as needed a home as possible. They have already been able to bring home Trent and now have the opportunity to bring home siblings! You can follow their adoption journey here.

They are working to raise $6,500 for their next payment to bring home two sweet siblings from Honduras. The cost is approx. $45,000 to bring them home. That is a mountain that is easily broken down when we work together “sacrificing” that latte, lunch, dinner, movie, and instead putting that money towards a larger, much more lifegiving goal.

 The first part of this project is a humble Esty store.  Several amazing friends, crafters, and artists from around the US have donated to this store.  There are still items coming in so we ask that you check back often to find some of the beautiful things that we will have to offer.  All profit from this store will currently benefit the Todd family and help them raise the money needed to continue in the adoption process.

I am asking that you buy things for yourself, for friends, for gifts, that you donate to the cause and help promote this little store on your own blogs, facebook pages, twitter tweets, and wherever else you can think. If you are a crafter (crochet, knit, pottery, jewelry, etc) or an artist of any kind, we are still accepting donations to this site to be sold on this store. If you are looking for something similar but different, we’ll take special orders!

Click on the logo below to get started!

Let us as a community rise up and help these sweet children on their journey to their forever home.