WHEW! My posts have been heavier than usual lately.  I love the season of life that I am walking through…it is not easy, but it stretching me and taking me to deeper places than I have ever been before….LOVE!

However, I’m feeling some Friday Fun is much needed…so here is some inspiration:

What if the “Hokey Pokey” really IS what it is all about?
Some fun DIY bunting that can be found here.
Deliciousness that will soon be a project in my kitchen.  Make your own…instructions here.

{delicious decadence}


Having this lovely thing would make me a very happy girl….

Let’s whip up some goodness

A room in which I’d love to sit and stay a spell….

Where dreams are made and imagination happens

 And a whimsical peacock to make you smile….


Happy Friday All!!!  Have a GREAT weekend!