It’s midnight.  I’m awake.

Like a good girl I went to bed at 10 pm and as per usual the thoughts of the day came rushing into my head.  Perhaps if I was able to take more time to think them during daylight hours they’d let me sleep…perhaps not.

I have a hammock in my living room.  I’ve always wanted one there and now I have one.  Hammocks are the best place to dream, or read, or talk on the phone, or play on the computer, or just lay and be still.  Right now it is the best place to lay and write a blog and try to get all of the thoughts in my head to settle down and be still.

It’s July and its hot in Texas.  We are up to 17 or 18 days of over 100 degree temperature.  The record is something crazy like 60+.  I may go postal if it lasts that long.  No, seriously, they may have to lock me up in a loony bin.  I need some sort of relief. People keep asking me why I stay here if I hate the hot so badly.  All I can say is God.  It kind of sounds like a cop out, an excuse that one gives so as not to have to come up with another reason…or so as to not actually take action.  That is what I used to think. But really this time…it is God.  He’s moving and changing me and doing a work that I cannot put into words – which is why I am currently rambling at 12:15 am.

I want to live in Alaska for a full calendar year.  I keep coming back to this idea over and over again.  I’m not sure why…but I think that there are adventures to be had there, people to meet, stories to hear, all day nights and all night days to experience. I want to live there and write a book.  Now to find someone who wants to sponsor that.  From there I’d move to the next place on my list and live there for a calendar year….I think it would be fascinating.

The moon is full tonight – another reason that I might not be sleeping. If you sleep you miss out on it and it is way to pretty to miss out on.  It too has stories…one cannot live in the sky watching the earth for thousands upon thousands of years and not have stories.  If the moon could talk – what stories would it tell.  Crazy thought?  Yes….but hey its midnight and I’m rambling.

Most nights when i am awake like this I spend praying – for my friends – for the family next door – my church – my mom and dad – Africa – my brothers – for me – for you.

My eyes are watering and I am yawning….this is a good sign.

Thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts…