Confession:  Blogs are not as easy as the non-bloggers would like to believe.  There is a lot of thought about what goes out into the Internet universe and somedays analysis can lead to paralysis.

Somedays this is the conversation I have with myself.   “hmmm…I should write a blog…my last blog was two weeks ago…dang it I promised myself I’d write more often…what to write about…why do I have perfectly good blog ideas between awake and asleep…does everyone else think of peter pan when they hear that phrase…Good Lord, Amanda, concentrate!…ok…what is God doing in my life – my last blog was serious though…I should write something fun…you know who writes fun blogs…Laura…let me go read what she wrote last….*Pause as I go browse not only Laura’s blog, but about 4 others as well*…sweet now I am inspired….I should write about ______________….nothing! I got nothing here.  *check facebook* – ok back…I should write and keep a list of blog topics – you’d have to come up with blog topics to keep a list – true….I should reveal a childhood memory – will anyone really care. I should make a list of my favorite things….and post pictures…well that kind of takes away from the nature of our blog…but whatever…so what ARE my favorite things….note to self make a list of favorite things.  What to say, how much to reveal, will anyone care….why do I write this blog anyway….what others thinks shouldn’t matter – but since I am writing so others can read it, perhaps it does.  UGH nevermind.”

Does anyone else get serious Bloggers block?