This past Sunday evening I went with my friend Sarah to see Mandisa in concert. I don’t really know a lot about her and outside of a single here and there have not heard a ton of her music until recently.  Then as if out of nowhere I found her to be everywhere I turned…her music speaking to parts of my soul I wasn’t aware even existed.  She can have me dancing and singing around the room to on my face before the Lord in the same song sometimes.

While she sang several of my favorites Sunday night, she also sang a few I hadn’t heard before.  “Say Goodbye” was one of them, and as the words  hit my ears the pierced through to my soul.  I feel like I have spent my life saying “goodbye” – to loved ones, to friends, to places and to memories.  Most recently, however, I’ve begun to say a final goodbye parts of me that need to go and never return.  Actions and things that no longer define me and are not who I am though they were who I was.  As I face some of these things, or some of these actions try to rear their ugly head and do their best to bring unwarranted guilt, shame and  regret to my soul; I am learning to “Say Goodbye” to their lies and hold fast to the unmerited grace, favor and freedom that I now live in fully.

What are you holding on to today that you can say GOODBYE! too? Do it now! And then dance and sing along!