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You know the kind….when you wake up and moan rather than being thankful   you are alive….

It’s one of those days where though you know it is not true….you feel as though even if you wore a mu-mu it would be to small to cover all the parts of your body that you don’t like….

One of those days where something is rattling in your car and your throat catches as you fear all of the possible things it could be and the thousands of dollars it will take to repair….

One of those days where the people around you don’t stand a chance at not annoying you because you annoy you and everyone else is just extra….

One of those days when you hit every red light on the way to and from where ever you are going….

One of those days where tears are burning your eyes just waiting to spill over at the most inopportune times….

One of those days where you drop your keys every time you try to use them….

One of those days when you leave something you need in your apartment, go up and get it, walk all the way back down just to realize you have the wrong thing and have to go back….

One of those days when it feels like the whole system of life is targeting you and is winning….

You know there are a million and one reasons to be thankful, to be happy, to rejoice in what you have vs what you don’t have….yet you still groan.

One of those days where you know He will give you more than you could ever ask or think…but you are so overwhelmed with looming “reality” that to trust is actually painful and may cause you to stop breathing for a minute.

Yep it is one of those days.  A day to stretch my faith, to work my trust muscles, to really sit and take into account all the blessings I do have (I’m not there yet, I’m too busy wallowing right now…but I will get there.)

I’ll get through this day….the answers will come, the problems will be solved, the provision for what I need that was proved before I needed it will be there, He will still be in control, and I will still be breathing….All things will work together for His glory and my eventual joy. But until then….I need coffee and chocolate!