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Yesterday’s post was real and honest, and made me laugh after reading it again. My laughter didn’t make it any less true…but it still made me laugh.

Today has not really been any less difficult, apparently part of the qualifications for going to grad school is having the ability to actually figure out the convoluted system to get in.  I’m getting there…but it has caused no end of frustration.

But through all of these frustrations and worry and stress I have a knowledge that I have a God who is in complete control and has prepared a path for me to walk.  As my friend Brooke reminded me today…it is for me to “Be Still and Know”.

It is the 4th day of Advent.  I have not ever walked through the celebration of Advent before so it is all new to me and I am enjoying it.  This week we are revisiting the prophecies that foretold the birth of my King hundreds of years before He stepped foot on the earth.  Being reminded that the promises of God are not on MY time table, they are on God’s and He created time so He kind of gets THE final say.

This afternoon, I pulled up the following video that my friend and worship pastor, Issac Wimberly, recently recorded on a Christmas project by Folk Angel Music** and put it on repeat.  The 20th time through I still get chills all the way through out.  I keep trying to pick a favorite part…but I pick a different line each time I hear it.

So, Stop. Take a few minutes. Turn this up. Close your eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Be Still. Know He is God With Us.

Advent: God With Us from The Village Church on Vimeo.

** I highly recommend this project and recommend you go get it here.