Tis the season for lots of shopping and I have WAY more than I could ever want or need…..

The fact that I just gave away 3 boxes of stuff and you cannot tell anything is missing from my house is more than ridiculous!
I am blessed – incredibly blessed beyond measure.  
So this year…I am asking for no gifts for Christmas.  I know that sounds funny.  But I don’t need more things – REALLY!
What I would love for you to do with any amount of money that you would spend on me is one of the following:
      • Choose a family on the missions field and send them a little extra (if you need some names of some people in need of extra support I can give them to you)
      • a gift card from Kiva.com
      • Sponsor a child at Naomi’s Village  – this ministry is run by very good friends of mine and these children’s faces are tattooed on my heart with every beat.  (go to www.gobehope.com  and click on Naomi’s Village under the pull down menu “Meet the Children”)
      • Send money to my mom and dad to support our Pastor in Kenya and his family.  
      • Choose the ministry, charity, family in your community, or person most in need closest to you – and share with them the love of Jesus and the gift of Christmas extra.
      • Or in lieu of all of that – don’t spend a dime. 🙂
This is how you can show me you love me this year.  The older I get the more my heart longs to do more – to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around me and around the world.
So a note, email, card that says you love me and a story of how you gave to others on my behalf is my desire this year.
I love you all – I am overwhelmed with the Grace of God that is in my life and the blessing it is to call you friends and family.