I have been weary this week for whatever reason.  Waking up already defeated and exhausted.  This morning as I woke up my waking thought was “How in the WORLD am I going to get it all done.”  I am photographing a wedding this weekend, have a friend coming into town, have a house to clean, and I have a mountain assignments to read and an every growing list of tasks at work.

I’m currently studying through the book of Esther in a Beth Moore study entitled “It’s tough being a woman”.  Isn’t that the truth! My friend, Christin, comes here to work on Thursday’s for lunch and we watch the videos together in a conference room.  Today as Beth was teaching – in only the passionate Texas accent that Beth can – she said that the Amalekites were a “wilderness enemy” – an enemy that attacks when God has moved us from where we were and we are not yet to where we are going – an enemy that attacks the weak and the weary that are straggling behind the pack – a cowardly enemy that attacks late at night.

Can anyone else relate to that enemy?  An enemy that waits until we are the most vulnerable and then sneaks up and ambushes us in the dark!  I don’t know about you, but that enemy shows up all the time in my life. But wait… before you get too discouraged…there’s a promise to be claimed!!   In Exodus 17 it says “The LORD, will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation.”  LOVE THAT so much I could dance a jig!  Seriously that should be shouted and proclaimed from the rooftops! (Ok maybe not the rooftops, the neighbors might call the cops and getting hauled off to the psych ward might defeat the whole purpose…though I do hear it is quiet and relaxing the psych ward…hmm….)  Sorry, I digress…back to it….did you get the amazing words that you just heard out of Exodus??
The LORD  will go to WAR with my wilderness enemy EVERY.TIME. generation after generation!  


So, my friends, be not dismayed.  I know many of you are in your own walk of weariness this week.  (When is there a week that we are not at some level of weariness?)  Many of you feel that it will never be all done.  Many who feel weak and completely incapable of what God has called you to do. Stop.Take a Deep Breathe. Rest in the fact that His grace is sufficient, and His power is made perfect in our weakness. And cling to and claim the promise that He will go to war on our behalf.

You are loved!