Recently I was reflecting on how little writing I do these days. My mind is constantly going with ALL THE THINGS going on in my life both the good and the bad, and to sit down and try to put any of them on paper (or on screen) simply overwhelms me.  

This overwhelmed feeling however affects other parts of my life as well.  My school work is behind because I don’t write, my prayer life is not as strong because I don’t write, my ability to problem solve and weave through the murky waters of my mind…at a stagnant point because  don’t write. It’s not to say that I cannot do all of those things without writing, but rather I do all of them much better when I write!

So I have been challenged ..365 days of writing…yes a full year!  OH DEAR ME! And I am going to do it right here on this blog.  I can’t promise every day will be all amazing and deep, some days will say things like “I have no idea what to put on this page today…but I promised you words so here you go.”  That is still writing…so I can do that….its my blog and my challenge so I am allowed!  ha ha!

So here is to Day 1 – Should be an interesting journey!  Thoughts, comments, advice, etc….all welcome!