I forgot to write yesterday…what it it about 28 days and something is a habit?  Or day 2 your forget! ha!  Okay so I didn’t promise perfection! 

Today’s post is just a thought that I wrote to a friend who is going through a pretty intense custody battle. At the time I was writing them I meant them as words of encouragement for her, however the past few days the Spirit has brought them back to my mind over and over again. 

“I understand your feelings.  I want to have just one morning where people I love are not dying of cancer, people I adore are not fighting custody battles, where I have a clue what I am doing at work! LOL, and where the smallest idiocicracy does not make me want to go running from the room. But right now, in this season I don’t get any of those things. But what I do get is the powerful blood of Jesus covering me, His arms wrapping me up in love, brothers and sisters standing at the battlefront with me armor on ready willing and able to fight, and a Spirit who was sent to comfort me…and to pray on my behalf when I have no words. Sweet Sister…you too have all of these things…and this morning I am praying that all of them manifest themselves to you so powerfully that peace fills your heart and mind…peace that passes all understanding…You sweet sister are loved…cherished…longed for…and have been chosen by God for this battle because He knows that you in utter dependence on Him can do this.”

And all of that is completely true.  Wherever you are and whatever you are walking in today. You have have been chosen – by God – for this battle in this season, because He knows that in utter dependence on Him all things are possible.