I just got home from a fantastic play. Only it wasn’t a play so much as it was a reading of a play.  The actors did not fully act, and there was no set….they simply did a read through with their scripts on stage.

The play write is a friend of mine, and it was brilliantly written – even if I am a bit prejudice.  She hit on hard topics and themes, with perfect comedic timing followed by a poignant phrase that punched you in the gut a little. 

I think the best part about the whole thing was it gave me something to come home with and think about for a while. It provoked thoughts and ideas that I want to roll around in my head and figure out why I enjoyed them or why they bothered me. 

Janelle, you did well my friend!  I cannot wait for the day I see your name in lights on Broadway and I get to say….”I knew her when…..”