A little over a month ago my boss was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve waited to put this out here for a while – mostly because it is his story to share and not mine – but also because those words just take my breath away. But tonight I just could not hold it in because I know there are readers of this blog that pray – and prayer is the most powerful thing of all.

Most of you know this is not my first walk with someone close having cancer. It is a bastard of a disease. (Yes I just used a swear word, and I’ll do it again and again in reference to this horrible thing.) So, when he told me he had cancer, I already knew – something deep in me already knew and was just waiting for the verbal confirmation. Because I’ve done this before I went into fix it mode…I would help create a plan and he would be through chemo and all better in no time. Until then I would simply take care of all the things that needed taking care of….that’s what I do – I take care of things. I have the answers. I solve the problems. I get things done!

But this one just won’t get solved right now. There is a process and to be honest I don’t like it. It is a process that means that someone I care deeply for has to go through pain so that they can hope to get better.

I can’t fix it with a simple solution – or dash into his office and do it for him – I simply have to stand by and wait. And Hope.

But the beauty of my life is that even as tears pour down my face, and even when the moments come that I forget how to breathe, I am not one without Hope. I have a Heavenly Father who is a Great Physician. This news did not come as a shock. My faith tells me He knows and that He cares.

So for those of you who pray – will you pray with me? Will you ask for healing for my boss man? Will you pray that the doctors have wisdom? That he will know have wisdom, and courage, and strength?

Thank you in advance.