I woke up on Monday morning with a friend on my mind.  We are virtual friends for the most part, though we have met in person a time or two our relationship has been conducted through facebook, twitter, and text messages the majority of the year or so we have known one another. Yet Monday, as soon as I awoke there was the thought of her in the corner of my brain just waiting to be recognized.  I did what any “good” Christian sister would do and asked the Lord to bless her day and then moved on with my morning routine.

But God had a different plan.

I was driving from my early morning chiropractor appointment to work and this friend popped right back into my brain. I made a mental note that I needed to ping her later and set up a date for May when we might meet for coffee.   Between her schedule and mine setting up dates a month or two out is reality.  Suddenly I knew I needed to pray for her – so I did. And then (at a stop light – while the car was stopped) I texted her a quick little note to say “praying for you in this minute”, hoping it would encourage her day.  I then moved on into my day.

But God was not done yet.

All day long this beautiful girl came to mind over and over again and as she came to mind so did the words of a verse.  I started to share this verse with her mid-day but to be honest I was hesitant. I had already told her I was praying for her.  We have not talked much in the past month so I didn’t know really what was up with her life and I did not want to just send out a random scripture without any reason.  Silly me. The reason was God was prompting me to, but I wasn’t paying attention to that at the time, and moved on.

But God still had a plan.

My day moved on – as days will do – filled with all the things that keep me busy on a Monday.  Finally I found myself at a training meeting and the nagging in my mind would not stop.  I KNEW the verse that I was looking for was Hebrews 1:20 so I looked it up for good measure on my iphone and strangely it wasn’t there!! Hebrews chapter 1 does not have 20 verses – WHAT!?! Okay so maybe I was wrong on reference, but I knew it was in Hebrews so I went to searching.  I spent the whole meeting reading the book of Hebrews.  FRUSTRATED! Why would God give me a verse – in Hebrews – and then it not be there!  (You can laugh. I did). I couldn’t find it. Frustration. The meeting was over. I moved on.

But God…..(you are getting the gist here, right?

Home, animals dealt with, kitchen clean, roommate chatted to, evening routine done and I was ready for bed….but apparently not without this friend and verse coming to mind one more time.  I was moving a stack of notes and papers to be dealt with later and there on the top sheet of paper was the verse I had been looking for!  It was NOT in Hebrews (I had established that fact) – right there in my own handwriting was II Corinthians 1:20!  Hey at least I had the reference right…just the book was wrong!

At this point all I could do was laugh and text my friend – “I have no idea why this verse is coming to mind when your name comes to my head but here you go…”All the promises of God find their yes in Him.”  Within a few short minutes I had her reply “that was the LORD for me!”  Unbeknownst to me, but known to a faithful God she had been struggling with some of the promises of God.  Tears rolled down my face as I read her text again and again. How good & faithful our God.

See God had a plan for Monday -He knew that there were two hearts that were in desperate need of reminding.  For one, reminding that His word and promises are true.  For another, that He is faithful to draw others to the frontlines when we are to weary to fight on our own.

What I was reminded of in that moment, by that text, was I was not alone either.  Somewhere someone is praying for my broken heartedness, someone is praying for my loneliness, someone is praying for my job, someone is standing beside me in prayer as I walk through the current desert I feel that I am walking in. Somewhere someone is looking for a verse that has been nagging them all day because God knows I need to hear it.

And when others fail at any of these promptings – because we are human and we do – scripture tells us that Jesus prays for us and the Holy Spirit groans on our behalf.  How good and faithful is our God!

He is faithful and true in all things….and ALL His promises find their yes in Him. (It’s not in Hebrews…but its true!)