“Loves Music, Loves to Dance” – this is the title of a book by an author whose books I read all the time when I was younger.  In the past few years I’ve not kept up with all of her newest books, but they are great thriller reads for long plane rides or sitting on a beach somewhere.

But tonight’s topic is not about that at all….it’s about the fact that this has always been how I’ve thought of myself.  “Amanda – loves Jesus, loves music, loves to dance.”  And I do, I really do!

Most who know me are not usually around me very long before I am humming a favorite melody or singing along with a song on the radio. I love music. It stirs up in me emotions that move me, that heal me, that touch me in ways that nothing else on earth every can.

However, what many do not know about me is my love for dance.

I was raised as the daughter of Baptist missionaries and the granddaughter of Baptist preachers.  We did not dance.  Forget that there is dancing in the Bible. Baptist traditionally (thankful most have moved past these traditions) did not care about the fact that dancing was in the Bible….dancing lead to sinful actions ergo dancing was sinful.

Somehow God missed that memo. Because he gave me rhythm and he gave me a love for dance.

As far back as I can remember I have loved to dance. I remember very clearly as a young child dancing to whatever song was on.  Some of my favorite memories as a child were creating dance routines to the Amy Grant songs with my best friend, Annie. As a teenager I remember being in my room and pretending to dance a waltz or a slow dance with whomever my imaginary partner of the moment might have been – it wasn’t about the romance of it as much as it was about the dance.  I dream of the first dance at my wedding more than anything else I have imagined about it. And one day I am going to dance in the streets of Heaven in praise and worship to the One who gave me the rhythm to my soul, and the steps to my feet.

But for now….this girl, who loves music and loves to dance, will slide on my boots, and make my way to Cowboys where my friends will spin and twirl me around the dance floor.  I will laugh and my heart will be light and happy….and I will dance.

These boots were made for dancing

These boots were made for dancing