This is delayed not because that I forgot to actually write anything yesterday, but more because I was literally gone all day long and got home after yesterday was today.

Four years ago I was extremely lacking in the community department.  I had a handful of people I could call acquaintance here in the metroplex, but they were all spread out hither and yon and rarely did we spend time together.  I was lonely and looking for friends.

I was talking about this to one of these acquaintances (since become friend) and he invited me to join him at a “Crawfish boil at a friend’s house.”  I had never been to a crawfish boil so I thought – sure!  Plus I figured it would be a great way to meet people.  He told me he would be there around 4:30 so to just meet him there. YAY! I was on my way to making friends.

When I arrived at 4:30 – this person had already come and gone. I found out it was a fundraiser (I had not been aware nor had I brought cash with me), and I knew exactly NO ONE that was there.  I have since forgiven this friend (mostly) but needless to say I was not very pleased with him at that moment.

Never one to back down from a challenge I introduced myself to a group of people (none of whom I would ever see again) and the guy next to me taught me how to eat crawfish!

Fast forward 4 years – I now eat crawfish like a champ!  But even more than that – I now look forward to this fundraising event every year.  It is for an organization called C.L.A.S.P.  This organization started through the vision of a woman brokenhearted by what she saw while doing education research in a Zambian hospital is a nonprofit healthcare and social service organization that seeks to improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities in developing countries.

I have the privilege of volunteer with this amazing group of people, culturally preparing their volunteers before they head out to work in Zambia, Kenya and Uganda.  I love these volunteers and through the years many have become my friends.

So kind sir who invited me to a fundraiser without telling me it was a fundraiser, and leaving before I actually got there….Thank you! Without that invitation I might have never known and never gotten to be apart of investing back into the continent I love.

P.s. to read more about CLASP and how you can get involved go check them out here. http://claspinternational.org/