I’m a procrastinator.  There it is my public confession.  It is 11:15 PM on April 14th and my taxes are not done.  They WILL be done tomorrow before midnight!  I often say that without deadlines nothing would get done, and this is true, because unless a deadline is firm I take my sweet time to get to it.

It is not that I am lazy, because that is not the case at all.  Rather it is that my mind is filled with so many other things that need to be done that I get distracted.  I’m getting better with this in some cases, but my worst nightmares still revolve around something not getting done on time.

I do not however like procrastination in others.  Call me hypocritical, but when I ask for a thing to be done at a certain time, I want to see that person working towards that thing. I do see the craziness of my thought process here you don’t have to point it out.

So often in my walk with God I feel that same frustration.  I do not think that God is a procrastinator – I just believe that He runs on a time schedule that is not mine.  However, He is allowed to do that, He’s God.

I have some things I’m praying for this year.  Very specific prayers that I would really like to see answered – like yesterday – but He is still saying, “wait.” My impatient, finite mind has pitched a bit of a fit over that in the past few months.  I have stomped my feet (metaphorically, of course), pouted, tried the silent treatment, and just been an overall brat to the Maker of my soul.  Thankfully, while I am sure He is not thrilled with this behavior, He has tolerated it.

You see, what I know in my mind – thought my heart sometimes has trouble getting on board – is that His plans for me and His timing to the answering of my requests are perfect. This has proven to be the case over and over and over again in my life, so I believe it to be the case now.  So no matter how much i stomp, and stamp, and pout….my Daddy God knows what is best.

My favorite illustration of this is one given by one of my dearest friends and the father of my niece, Riley.  If Riley wanted a cookie for a snack late in the day and Tim said no because he knew that they were going to Riley’s favorite place for dinner in just a few minutes, this answer would not be out of the meanness of Tim’s heart, but rather out of the love of it.  He knows that something better is coming!  Riley’s eyes might fill with tears, she might pout, she might tell Tim that he was mean and that she might even march into the kitchen and try to get the cookie for herself.  But see Riley only knows what is going on right in the moment.  She doesn’t know the future like Tim does.  She doesn’t know that in a few minutes she will be whisked away to her favorite restaurant and get to order her favorite dessert.

This is me.  I want the cookie! And I want it now! But my Father knows that in just a little while He has a dessert lined up and waiting to be revealed to me that will outdo any dry, stale crumbly cookie I may come up with for myself. And that dessert…well, I’m pretty sure it’s worth waiting for.