One of my dearest friends works at a charter school in an inner city area of of Indianapolis.  She has 3rd graders most of whom come from rough homes.  Most of the stories that come out of her class are heart breaking – but some are hilarious.  A few weeks ago while listening to Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” they asked her why she was playing “country music” for them.  OH MY! So Miss Workman decided to help their musical education and sent an actual country play list including George Strait, Reba McEntire, Patsy Cline, Brooks and Dunn, Keith Urban and several other popular and classic country stars. These are the comments that followed:

“This doesn’t even sound like country”   while listening to Keith Urban

“Ms. Sieg, whats a fred?” (“Friend” from King George “Check yes or no”)

“Ms Sieg! That’s Reba! She has a tv show! Wait til I tell my momma she can sing!”

“Ms. Sieg, you know those people who dance to country music wear those
boots even when its hot.”

Yes my darlings…yes we do! My work here is done. King George would be so proud!

King George

King George