I’m sitting here looking at 2 couches, a side table in the middle of my living room that I am not sure what to do with…down the hall is an office that is in complete chaos, and upstairs is a bedroom that has the basics but has yet to be “mine.” In the midst of it all I’m going crazy!

And then I breathe, and I remember that I am blessed enough to own this chaos!  And I know that slowly but surely it will all come together and be organized. I will find the right pieces here and there, I will paint a wall or two (or pay to have them painted), I will buy a lamp and hang some artwork, and it will become mine.

Life is a lot that way.  It transitions and moves and gets cluttered and disorganized.  But then you take a moment, you shift things around, clear out the clutter of your mind, place memories on the shelves where they belong, and you hang the beauty of the world around you like artwork on the walls of your soul.

Slowly but surely you make sense of the chaos and put it all together.